4 Signs Your Ductwork Needs to Be Replaced Soon

Are you experiencing leaks in your home’s ceilings or walls? Are you wondering what’s the cause? While you could have a roof leak, it’s also possible that your air ducts are failing you. Read more to learn our four top signs that the ductwork in your home needs to be replaced soon:

Sign #1: 50 Shades of Grey?

If your ductwork is in the grey family, then you may be due for a ductwork overall. Seeing grey means that your ductwork is very old — possibly dating back to 1970 — and needs to be replaced from top to bottom.

Sign #2: You Have a Leak

A leak is a very tangible sign that you could have a ductwork problem. You’re going to need professionals to help you figure out the cause of the leak, but if you know for sure your ductwork was sealed with duct tape, then a leak is very possible. There are better sealants today, but tape was the go-to sealer decades ago. As time marches on, detonation is inevitable. Climb into your attic to investigate.

Sign #3: Your HVAC Unit is Too Big or Too Small

The bottom line is that if you don’t have an HVAC unit that fits the size of your apartment or home, you’re going to have duct problems. Either the system cannot circulate and dehumidify air fast enough or it does this too slowly. Both cause problems for your ducts.

Sign #4: You Have Metal Ducts

If you’re in Florida or any other part of the country where moisture is a problem and you have metal ducts, then you may need to replace them. This is prime breeding ground for mold.

Call Weather Engineers to Replace Your Ductwork Before It’s Too Late!

Weather Engineers has been an industry leader in heating and cooling in the Brevard, County, Florida-area for years. Our team of professional and quality technicians know the tendencies and quirks of HVAC systems — and we’re hoping we can help make your home a more comfortable and inviting space. Sometimes all it takes are a few little tweaks to a system — and that can be accomplished by surveying your ductwork. Let our experts take over so you don’t have to worry. Contact us today!

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