5 Best Habits for Good IAQ

You may have already heard about all the ways you’re negatively affecting your indoor air quality (IAQ), but other than halting old habits, have you tried taking steps toward improvement? While it’s helpful to quit using products loaded with harmful chemicals, here are some other great habits to begin practicing in order to boost your IAQ on a regular basis.

1. Sweep, mop and vacuum. Keeping your floors clean of dust, dirt, and debris can go a long way in upholding fresh air in your home.

2. Open your windows whenever you can. Letting fresh outside air in, even for a short period of time, can greatly boost IAQ—and hardly takes any time at all!

3. If you have pets, bathe and groom them regularly. Pet dander can add up quickly, and if your pets stay dirty, the cleaning you’ve done won’t last for long. It’s recommended that you bathe your dog about once every month.

4. Keep track of your humidity levels. Ideally, you should aim to be around 40-50 percent. Too much higher or lower can cause issues like mold growth and sickness.

5. Make HVAC maintenance a part of your home cleaning habits. This includes scheduling a seasonal appointment with your HVAC technician and monthly filter replacements.

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