5 Plants Proven to Boost IAQ

Indoor plants look great and add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any room. But did you know that some plants can also greatly improve indoor air quality (IAQ)? From industrial pollutants like formaldehyde to naturally-occurring pollutants like mold, the air inside of your home may be more hazardous than you think. Considering the air inside of our homes can be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outdoors, we need all the IAQ-boosting help we can get! Add some of these plants to improve the quality of the air inside of your home today.

1. The snake plant not only improves indoor air quality, but it’s almost impossible to kill. Those who don’t quite have a green thumb will love that this plant thrives even in low light or with sporadic watering.

2. Aloe vera plants are extremely versatile. Besides being able to improve your air quality indoors, it can be used to treat burns too.

3. The IAQ-boosting peace lily is a beautiful plant that boasts a fragrant, pale flower resembling a calla lily.

4. Growing a spider plant is easy, especially when it is placed in a hanging basket and encouraged to cascade over the edges.

5. A weeping fig does best with bright, indirect light, and can grow quite large. Even better, it’s one of the top air-purify varieties.

When it comes to improving the air quality in your home, your HVAC system is your first line of defense. At Weather Engineers, we offer a variety of indoor air quality services, like air duct cleaning, ultraviolet lighting, filtration systems and more. If you’re concerned about the quality of the air in your home, contact us today to learn how we can help, or schedule an appointment with one of our experienced technicians online.

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