7 Links to Help You Save On Your Energy Bill

Did you know that 43 percent of the average home’s electricity bill goes to heating and cooling costs? With so much money going towards keeping comfy, we need all the help we can get to stay cool for less. Here are seven informative links from around the web that can help you save on your energy bill.

1. 9 easy ways to cool down air conditioning costs.

2. In case you missed it: 5 Links to Help You Cut Cooling Costs

3. Do you have a programmable thermostat for your HVAC system? Upgrading to a programmable thermostat can help you save energy.

4. Have you tried any of these hacks to reduce your bills but not your comfort?

5. Regularly maintaining your HVAC system can cut cooling costs. This infographic explains why.

6. An air filter with a higher MERV rating could help you save energy.

7. Change your air filter each month! Dirty air filters aren’t just bad for your HVAC system, they’re bad for your wallet too.

Learn More Ways to Save

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