7 Strange Facts About Air Conditioning

Your air conditioner helps you get relief from the harsh Florida heat. But beyond providing cooling comfort year round, your air conditioner is a complex device. Here are seven strange facts about air conditioning that you may not know.

1. Air conditioning has helped increase the human lifespan and decrease the spread of disease in warmer climates by promoting good indoor air quality.

2. Before an air conditioning system was installed in the U.S. Capitol, Congress would take off for most of the summer.

3. Air conditioning is necessary for the storage and development of certain medications in order to maintain their efficiency.

4. Air conditioning was invented by Willis Carrier in 1902 not to cool homes, but to ensure the quality of ink.

5. Air conditioning helped with the population growth in warmer states like Texas, Florida, and Arizona.

6. Movie theaters were the first public places to install air conditioning, which led to studios releasing their big movies during the summer.

7. President Herbert Hoover installed an AC system in the Oval Office for $30,000, four months after the 1929 Stock Market Crash.

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