7 Tips for Hosting Holiday Guests

Opening your home to friends and family during the holidays involves preparation, but the memories and fun can be well worth the work. We’re sharing seven tips to make hosting easier this season, so you can save your energy for enjoying your guests!

1. Plan enough, but not too much. Your guests’ entire stay doesn’t need a detailed itinerary. However, a daily focal event can provide an anchor and purpose to each day. Consider a dinner party, an afternoon hike, or a 5K; check your local area calendar for unique ideas.

2. Add a fancy touch. No need to hire a decorator. A seasonal wreath on the door, a bouquet of flowers from your grocer on the table, and a fresh welcome mat take just an afternoon to gather, but make for a pleasant welcome.

3. Remember the little things. Small details make a big impact. Save your guests the trouble of searching for a towel or getting up at night for a glass of water by setting out the basics (a soft bath towel, water bottle, your wifi password) in an obvious place in their room.

4. Prepare food beforehand. Having breakfast ready to go frees you to enjoy a leisurely morning with your guests. The first meal of the day is an easy one to make ahead, with wow-worthy dishes like this overnight french toast with a sweet twist.

5. Stock the most important things. Consider increasing storage in your guest bathroom to accommodate extra supplies and toiletries before your visitors have to ask.

6. Take them shopping. Traveling whets the appetite. Rather than have your visitors wonder if it’s okay to snag the last of your almonds, invite them to visit your local market to stock up on snacks for their stay. They’ll enjoy choosing what they like, and shopping for food is a universally enjoyable experience.

7. Keep a clear perspective. Rarely does everything go according to plan, especially when guests come to town. Check out these notes of wisdom from a trusted hostess, take a deep breath, and remember to appreciate togetherness. For more tips on making your home more inviting, check out our advice here.

The team at Weather Engineers wishes you and yours a happy approaching holiday season! We believe the best way to welcome your guests is by ensuring your home is comfortable. With our products and services, there’s no easier way to keep your HVAC system functioning efficiently and your home as comfortable as possible. Give us a call today at (321) 727-2542 to learn more about our products and services or schedule a maintenance appointment online.

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