Air Conditioning Tips for Snowbirds

Florida is among the most popular destinations for snowbirds—and for good reason! With an average high of 64 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit, you simply can’t beat the winter weather in the Sunshine State. It’s no surprise that when you arrive in the area, you want to get settled in as quickly as possible so that you can start enjoying all that the area has to offer. But by focusing some time and attention on your HVAC system, you’ll ensure your home is comfortable for the length of your stay. These three easy tips will help you get started.

1. Adjust Your Thermostat

One of the first things you can do when you arrive in your Florida vacation home is to program the settings on the thermostat. Florida weather is unique in the winter months. Some days it can be very warm, and others may be chilly. This means that you may need to re-adjust the settings from time to time as you switch from heating to cooling. However, because of the high humidity levels in the area, you likely will not want to turn the system off entirely even on mild days.

2. Change the Air Filter

If someone has not been caring for the home before your arrival, there is a good chance that the air filters require replacement or cleaning. This is a step that needs to be completed approximately every month. Therefore, in addition to replacing or cleaning them now, mark your calendar so that you remember to follow this step in the coming months as well.

3. Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

Scheduling a maintenance appointment with a professional HVAC company can promote optimal energy efficiency, minimize repair issues and extend the life of your system. It may also improve indoor air quality, making your home an all-around healthy space.

If you’re returning to Florida for the fall and winter months, make sure to schedule a maintenance appointment with the professionals at Weather Engineers. We’re a local HVAC service provider that you can trust to assist with system maintenance, repairs, installations and more. Give us a call today to learn more about our products and services or to schedule your maintenance appointment.

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