Do I Really Need to Change My Air Filter Every Month?

There are certain things in life we know we should do, but tend to put off, like changing the oil in our cars and flossing our teeth twice per day. So when it comes to changing the air filter in our air conditioners monthly, many of us put off this responsibility too. In reality, changing your air filter each month is crucial if you want an efficient conditioning system. And considering this system is likely one of the biggest investments you’ll make for your home, it’s a good idea to protect it. Learn three reasons why you really do need to change your air filter each month here:

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Air filters are important for several reasons, but their primary job is to keep dander, dirt, dust and all the other bad stuff out of the air in your home. Regular replacement of air filters is important for every home, but it is a must for homes with allergy or asthma sufferers. By changing out your filter each month, you’ll enjoy cleaner, healthier air.

Protect Your Investment

Your air conditioning system is one of the most expensive items in your home, but many of us never even think about it. It makes sensewe see our fridge, oven and washing machine every daybut only think about our HVAC system when something goes wrong. As a result, remembering to change the air filter each month can become troublesome. However, changing the air filter monthly, coupled with regular routine maintenance, will extend the life of your system and allow you to get the most from this big ticket investment.

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest motivations to change the air filter monthly is because your system will run more efficiently with a clean filter. An efficient system won’t require as much energy to cool your home, resulting in lower energy bills for you.

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