How an Air Purifier Can Boost Indoor Air Quality

Low indoor air quality results in a polluted home, excess dust and allergens, and a risk to your family’s health. If the air in your home seems very stale, or you have experienced discomfort, eye or respiratory irritation, dirty air inside your home may be the culprit. Using an air purifier can help significantly increase your home’s IAQ and create a pleasant home environment.

High-Tech Filters

The key to the effectiveness of air purifiers lies in their use of HEPA filters. This special type of filter traps large debris as well as tiny particles that can’t easily be seen. As air passes through the HEPA filter, chemicals, harmful gases and fumes, unpleasant odors, and allergens are kept from being released back into the environment. Some HEPA purifiers have carbon filters, and others come equipped with UV lights to rid your home of viral and bacterial contaminants.

Decreased Allergens

While some use air purifiers to ensure their homes smell fresh and feel comfortable, others use them for health benefits. Mold spores, mildew, smoke, and toxins can all aggravate or cause breathing and circulatory problems. Because air purifiers are effective at filtering allergens and irritants from the air, allergy sufferers often benefit from having one in their homes.

Fresh and Healthy Air

Covering up lingering odors in your home with fragrances and air fresheners doesn’t work, and may make the problem worse. Air purifiers work to eliminate the pollutants and particles that keep your home from smelling fresh and clean. If you’ve noticed that your home has developed a lasting stale, dusty, or musty smell, using an air purifier is one way to improve your indoor air quality.

Keep a High IAQ With Weather Engineers

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