How To Change Your AC Filter

“Today we are going to replace the air filter in this AC unit. This is a heat pump. We’re here in Florida, so that is generally what you use in milder climates. We’re just going to replace the older air filter with this new one. This is just the middle of the road filter. It has an “8” ASHRA rating.

This is a three pack, so we’re just going to pull out that one that I need. Each of your air handling systems are going to be different. Some of them have 16 by 16 (inch filter), but this one is a 20 by 20 (inch filter). The sizes can vary greatly, so you need to check what size you have before you buy a new air filter.

As you can see, this is the new one. You can see right here that there is an air flow direction. This is our air filter, and this is our air flow direction, so you want to make sure that air is flowing in the right direction when you install your new air filter.

So can see here is the right filter. It actually tells you without even having to take one out of this unit. It is 20 by 20 by one (inches). You can see it has a hand-tight screw right here, and another one right here. We’re just going to loosen those up on both sides. This is just a cover panel, and it will actually pull the old filter right out. You can see there are little hooks on this which hook into your filter and pulls it out for you so you don’t have to reach your fingers inside.

So now that I have it out, you can see that it is just a slot slightly bigger than one inch. The filter fits right into it. The air is going to flow from this return air box and up into the air handling unit, so you want that arrow to be pointing up towards that air handling unit. You can see we’re just going take the air filter and slide this new filter back in, with the air flow pointing up towards the air handler. Place the clips from the plate inside the air filter so that it grabs ahold of the filter. It may take a bit of wiggling to get in. This one is catching right on the bottom, so you just want to lift it up and slide it in. Then you line the screws up and tighten them.

And there you have it. Now you have a nice, new and clean air filter for your AC unit that is ready for another 30 days.”

Changing the air filter in your air conditioning system is important for lots of reasons. Besides improving the quality of the air in your home, a clean air filter can lower your energy bills and increase the overall lifespan of your HVAC system.

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