The Hottest Days in Florida’s History

Fahrenheit Rising

The hottest day in Florida’s history was June 29, 1931, in Monticello, Florida. That day, the temperature reached 109 degrees Fahrenheit. In 2015, many parts of Florida experienced a heat wave for the month of November. It hasn’t been this hot during autumn here for around 100 years. And to think, there wasn’t always air conditioning! Could you imagine? Appreciate how far we’ve come in home comfort while you read what it was like before it was around.

Living in Florida Before Air Conditioning

The year of 1931 doesn’t only claim the hottest day in Florida’s history. This was also the year that the first available central air conditioning unit went on the market for home use. One of these first units was called the “Hot-Kold”. However, as with any new technology, the initial cost was too high for most homeowners. It wasn’t until the market expanded over the next thirty years that A/C Units were becoming common place in new homes. Before then, most people just tended to stay outside during the day and homes were built differently so that heat would vent away from living space. People also went to the movies, as movie theaters had A/C long before people had them in their homes.

Living in Florida After Air Conditioning

Once new homes started popping up around the 1960’s with A/C Units built in, people began to enjoy a comfortable climate in their homes. By this time, window units were also more affordable: So, if you didn’t have a brand new home which came with an A/C Unit, you could still get some relief from the heat.

Contact Weather Engineers for Comfort

Even with modern A/C Units, the heat of Florida’s climate can make it tough for even the best unit to keep up with a heat wave. That’s why regular A/C maintenance and service is so important for Florida’s homeowners. To make sure your A/C Unit is ready for the next heat wave, contact Weather Engineers.

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