What Does HVAC Stand For?

The term “HVAC” is often used in the heating and cooling industry. The term stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning and is typically used interchangeably with “AC” although the two acronyms differ. Ultimately, the term “HVAC” encompasses everything about intricate systems that make our homes comfortable. Learn more about your HVAC system here.


As Floridians, we may not get much use out of our heating systems, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t important. After all, even Florida’s mild winters call for a warm home every so often. In the Sunshine State, the two most common types of heating systems are straight cool systems and heat pumps. Straight cool systems use electric heat and an air handler with heat strips that circulate warm air throughout your home. Heat pumps on the other hand, provide heat by extracting heat from the outside air and transferring it indoors through a system of ducts.


The ventilation portion of “HVAC” is highly underrated. While heating and air conditioning tend to get all the glory, the aspect of ventilation is important, too. Ventilation removes questionable odors and contaminants from kitchens, bathrooms and the like via an exhaust fan. The component also works to bring fresh outdoor air inside, spreading it throughout the duct system. The addition of fresh outdoor air helps ward off stale and contaminated air.

Air Conditioning

Ah, air conditioning… every Floridian’s best friend. When it comes to the air conditioning component of your HVAC system, chances are you have a split-system. Split-systems house one component indoor and one outdoors, and are the most popular style of ACs. The inside component features a compressor and condenser, while the outside component has an evaporator coil and blower motor. To generate cool air, the compressor pumps refrigerant throughout the rest of the system, which is then converted from a gas to a liquid state and back again.

Get Quality HVAC Services in Melbourne

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