What Happens During an Air Duct Cleaning?

Air ducts control the flow of air in and out of a home, which makes them a key part of your HVAC system. When debris, dust, and allergens clog your air ducts, it results in pollutants being blown around your house. If your air ducts need to be cleaned, but you’re not sure what the process entails, here’s what usually happening during a professional cleaning.

Preparing to Clean

On the day of the cleaning, your HVAC professional will likely ask for an overview of your home and locate all of your air ducts before starting. Drop cloths will be used to protect your flooring, and power will likely be shut off to your heat pump and furnace. Parts of your ducts will be taken apart or temporarily removed, such as the vent covers.

Vacuuming Your Ducts

Professional, high powered vacuums are used to suck the dirt and debris from your ducts. Sometimes it is necessary to use a powered brush to agitate the debris so that it can be more easily removed. All return and supply ducts that can be accessed will be thoroughly vacuumed, as well as any air conditioning and furnace coils that are present.

The Fine Details

After vacuuming your HVAC coils, cleaning agents may be sprayed onto them to ensure that your system is able to work at maximum efficiency. Other parts of your HVAC system and air ducts will also be washed or cleaned with solution during the process, such as your grill and blower. Once your air ducts have been cleaned, all components will be put back together, power will be cut back on, and everything will be checked to make sure it’s operating correctly.

Weather Engineers Will Get Your Air Ducts In Shape

We are experts at cleaning air ducts and maintaining HVAC systems. We also offer the WE Filter Club to make keeping up with filter changes and maintaining the cleanliness of your air ducts a breeze. Contact WEA to schedule an air duct cleaning in your home.

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