What Is an HVAC Zoning System?

Have you heard of HVAC zoning systems and you’re wondering if you need one for your home? It may be difficult to keep an upper level of a multi-story home cool during the hot Florida summer. Some spaces may heat or cool more quickly than others, resulting in insufficient temperature adjustment in some of those areas. A zoning system addresses such issues by directing heating and cooling energy specifically to the areas in need. Read on to see if one is right for your home.

Central System Zoning

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning experts like ours can create zones in a home by installing a system of dampers and sensors in the ducts. Temperature settings dictate the opening and closing of the dampers, allowing air to pass through to a zone when needed. A central thermostat directs the damper activity during a system cycle. It is important to install a control that is compatible with the zoning configuration desired.

Ductless Zones

Ductless mini systems are unique in that each indoor unit delivers hot or cold air to the area in which it is installed. Both remote and wired controls can manage the programming for ductless units, which makes it easy to adjust temperatures in each part of the home to address activity levels or personal comfort or health needs. Ductless equipment does not require much space, and a technician can usually install this type of system in a short amount of time.

Solving Unique Zone Issues

Before a homeowner decides on a zoned system, it may be important to investigate any issues causing temperature inconsistencies. In some cases, hot or cold spots could be related to blockages or damage in the ductwork. In other cases, there may be structural issues in the home or landscaping issues outside that affect temperatures. Ductless units can be used to supplement a home’s central HVAC equipment for a converted garage or room addition that needs a heating and cooling solution in just a small zone.

Discuss Your Zoning Interests with Weather Engineers

Weather Engineers technicians can help you to identify any insufficiency in your ductwork that might be causing temperature inconsistencies. We can also determine if an HVAC zoning system is right for your home. Contact us today for an appointment.
META: Weather Engineers is ready to assist with inspection and problem solving for those who have hot or cold zone problems with home comfort systems.

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