Why Does My AC Smell Moldy?

A moldy smell in your Florida home could be troubling, especially if it lingers in spite of your best efforts to treat possible issues in rooms that tend to harbor extra moisture. If you’ve traced the smell to your air conditioner, there could be numerous things to consider as you attempt to eradicate the problem. In the simplest case, your air filter may be the culprit, and a quick filter change could resolve your situation. If this doesn’t help, however, then you may need to call in a professional for assistance. 

Dirty AC Drain Components

Your air conditioner also serves as a dehumidifier, an important function because of Florida’s humidity levels. As moisture accumulates on your evaporator coils, it will drip into the drain pan below before being evacuated from the area through a drain line. A dirty drain pan or clogged line could allow bacteria and mold spores to remain in the air handler, leading to a musty smell. In addition to the moldy odor, you could face problems with your indoor air quality as these biomaterials are carried to other areas through the circulating air. 

Dirty Evaporator Coils

Your filter won’t capture all airborne materials, and many will get into the air handler, settling on the evaporator coils and other parts. If these conditions are ignored, mold and dirt can collect on the coils, directly affecting your air supply and potentially causing a moldy odor in the air handler.

Short Cycling

An air conditioner needs to operate for at least 20 minutes during a cycle to adequately dehumidify the home. If your system is over-sized or malfunctions, you could notice a moldy smell in the air handler and in other areas due to the excess humidity in the air.

Professional AC Services In Brevard

Dirty system components can be cleaned with an air conditioning maintenance appointment. If you are dealing with short cycling problems, one of Weather Engineers’ technicians will be happy to inspect and troubleshoot your system. Call us for an appointment today.


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