There is nothing more important to your home’s comfort than regular, annual maintenance for your air conditioner. After all, maintenance keeps your system running smoothly and efficiently while ensuring your air is safe and clean. But if you’re like most homeowners, AC maintenance isn’t always the first thing on your mind.

That’s why WEATHER ENGINEERS started the WE Club Clean & Tune program. When you join, you won’t have to worry about remembering to schedule service. We’ll remind you! Plus, you’ll receive exclusive access to members-only pricing on all your AC services. Discover how easy it can be to keep your AC running at peak performance with the WE Club Clean & Tune program.

What’s Included In Your AC Clean & Tune?

During your systems maintenance, a WEATHER ENGINEERS technician will thoroughly clean and inspect your system. The technicians use a detailed checklist to make sure they examine every part of your system. This list includes:

1. Cleaning condensate pans
2. Cleaning condensate lines
3. Checking system for contamination
4. Checking thermostat and control
5. Checking heating system
6. Checking temperature of discharge air
7. Checking temperature of return air
8. Checking outside temperature
9. Checking condenser discharge temperature
10. Checking condenser fan motor amps
11. Checking evaporator fan motor amps
12. Checking compressor amps
13. Checking condenser coils
14. Checking evaporator coils
15. Checking condenser coils
16. Checking compressor relay
17. Checking air flow
18. Checking wiring connections
19. Checking filters
20. Replacing or cleaning furnished filters
21. Reporting any adverse situation
22. Preferred pricing on all repairs

Following this list, technicians are able to catch any small issues before they turn into major problems. This saves you money, time, and comfort.

WE Club Benefits

Not only do you receive comprehensive AC maintenance checkups every year, you also get exclusive, members-only benefits. You’ll have access to priority scheduling for maintenance and repairs, preferred pricing on repairs and maintenance reminders. Giving special benefits is just one of the many ways we help to improve your comfort and save you money.

Sign Up For Comfort

Are you interested in keeping your home cool at a great price? Then sign up for the WE Club today! Our team of experienced technicians will help your home stay comfortable all year round. Just give us a call to sign up for the WE Clean & Tune Club.