My AC Compressor Is Not Working

A broken A/C compressor can lead to all kinds of problems. Your compressor is one of the most important features of your HVAC system and requires proper functioning in order to cool your home. A compressor is responsible for cooling air by pumping refrigerant through your A/C and maintaining a consistent temperature throughout your home. If you’re experiencing warm air or inconsistent temperatures throughout your home your compressor may need fixing. Here are some other common compressor issues that you can troubleshoot if you think your A/C is in need of a service call.

Refrigerant Leaking From Your AC

A refrigerant leak can make your air conditioner’s motor overheat which will cause your system to stop working. Refrigerant leaks should be professionally serviced to fix the leak. Re-filling your refrigerant can bring initial relief but if the leak isn’t fixed the refrigerant will just leak out again, damaging other features of your A/C.

Your AC Unit is Too Big For Your Home

If your A/C is improperly sized for your home it will either short-cycle or run too long. A system that is too big or too small will wear down your compressor by overworking it. A broken down compressor from improper A/C sizing can also lead to further damage and expensive repairs. Find out what size unit is right for your home with this BTU Calculator.

Schedule Routine AC Maintenance

Scheduling annual service calls will ensure that all the parts of your HVAC unit are working properly. Technicians can check the pressure levels of your compressor to make sure your A/C isn’t being overused and will also check your refrigerant to see if there is a leak that can cause problems later on. Electrical problems can also affect the working condition of your A/C compressor which should be handled with expert care since these are the most dangerous fixes!


If you think your compressor is causing your HVAC system to run inefficiently or if your air conditioner has stopped working, don’t hesitate to call or schedule an appointment with Weather Engineers. Visit our website for special offers and savings!



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