Air Conditioning Repair vs. AC Replacement: Which Is Right For You?

Wondering if your air conditioner could benefit from another repair? Or is it time to upgrade and have a full AC replacement? Updating your home’s air conditioner can be quite an investment, and it is important that you take some time to decide whether repairs or a full system replacement is a better decision for your family. Here is a look at some of the factors that you will need to keep in mind when you are making this important home comfort decision, especially since another sticky summer on the Space Coast is on its way in again!

Air Conditioning Repair vs. Replace

The Age of the Unit

The age of your HVAC system will probably be the single biggest factor to consider. Most modern air conditioners are extremely durable and will last for quite some time, but there will come a point when it is no longer practical to continue to repair. Depending on how often the AC is serviced, most owners can expect them to last for a little over a decade.

Cost of Repairs

The occasional minor repair is completely normal, but ongoing repairs might be a sign that the system needs to be replaced entirely. A large part of this decision will be dependent on the warranty covering the current AC. More expensive repairs such as fixing a damaged heat pump can be impractical once the warranty has expired. Homeowners will need to speak with their HVAC technician to see which repairs are typical and which could be a sign that the unit is nearing the end of its lifespan.

Energy Bills

Even if your air conditioner seems to be running smoothly, it might not be as efficient as you think. According to the Department of Energy, cooling systems that are over 10 years old are most likely barely meeting the minimum efficiency ratings. Upgrading to a high-efficiency unit could save you hundreds of dollars a year on your electrical bills.

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