How To Fight Allergy Season With Your HVAC System

Allergy Season in Melbourne, Florida is no joke. Green pollen flakes fly around the air and cling to every surface it can find, including your HVAC system and outdoor air conditioning unit. If you’re one who suffers from allergies take the tips in this blog to use your AC to help you fight the battle against Allergy Season.

Crank the AC

Staying indoors with the windows closed and the air conditioning running can help to reduce the symptoms the outside air can cause. As long as you have fresh air filters in your AC system then it should help to filter the outside allergens and bring only the fresh air into your home. A high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) is the best choice for allergen control. WebMD suggests to also cover AC vents with cheesecloth which has shown to also help filter pollen.


Ensuring your air ducts are cleaned and your ventilation system is free from obstructions will also help you fight allergy season. The dehumidification feature found in many ventilation systems should also be on, clean, and ready to fight the pollen push. Humidity promotes mold and other bacteria, which can worsen allergy suffering. Inside humidity should be no more than 50%

Other Tips to Fight Seasonal Allergies

  • Wash your hands after being outside, or touching anything that has been outside, including pets.
  • Avoid going outside in the mornings as the pollen count is highest then.
  • After a good rain is the best time to voyage outdoors during Allergy Season.
  • Change clothes after coming in from the outdoors.
  • Check the news for local pollen counts each day, and if it is high for the day, consider taking allergy medication before leaving home.

How Will Seasonal Allergies Last?

Pollen is important for the reproduction of important plants, however, it can create chaos in human lives. Moreover, recent warm winters have caused Florida to see some of it’s most pollinated Allergy Seasons of recent memory – almost double pollination as previous years. But just how long can you expect the Allergy Season to blaze on? It’s hard to say, but usually pollen counts subside by May when the hot weather outside really turns up in Florida.

We’ll Fight the Good Fight Against Allergy Season With You

No need to suffer alone! Contact us today and we will help you fight the good fight again pollen and other seasonal allergies.

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