How to Prep Your Air Conditioning System for a Florida Winter

Ask any Floridian and they will tell you that Florida winters bring unique weather conditions. While one winter day may bring temperatures in the upper 80s, a week later you may find yourself turning the heat on and snuggling under a mountain of blankets. Considering our HVAC systems can be put through the wringer between jumping back and forth from heating to cooling, prepping your air conditioner for a Florida winter is beneficial. Not sure where to start? Here are three ways you can prep your HVAC system before the upcoming winter season.  

1. Change the Air Filters

If you have not changed your air filters recently, now is a great time to do so. Dirty air filters can impact indoor air quality and can force your air conditioner to work harder to produce the same amount of comfort. Changing the air filters can help you prepare your system for continued use throughout the winter season.

2. Program the Thermostat

When the seasons change, you may need to reprogram the thermostat to accommodate changes in the outdoor temperature. With a warm winter, you may continue to use the air conditioner and may not need to alter the thermostat settings. However, if you need to use the heat, the thermostat settings should be adjusted accordingly for both comfort and energy savings.

3. Schedule a Maintenance Checkup

Another important step to take is to schedule annual maintenance for your HVAC system. This typically should be completed once per year to keep your system in great shape. With annual maintenance, your system will operate with improved energy efficiency, and repair issues may be less likely to develop. In some cases, homeowners will benefit from system maintenance more frequently than once per year. For example, if the system is used heavily or if there are many occupants in the home, more frequent service may be beneficial.

Schedule Your Maintenance Checkup Today!

At Weather Engineers, we provide service for all types of heating and cooling system needs in Brevard County and nearby areas. We offer a full range of services to our clients, including maintenance, repair and new installation. If you haven’t had your HVAC system professionally  maintained this year, contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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