HOW TO Unclog AC Drain Line

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Dirt, leaves, and other debris can make its way into your AC drain line and clog it. A clogged AC drain line can cause water to back up into the drain pan and eventually spill, potentially costing thousands of dollars in wood and home repairs. Keep your AC working well and prevent home damage with these cleaning tips.

Use A Water Hose to Push Away the Clog in the Drain Line

Turn off the AC unit before beginning at the circuit breaker box. Locate the drain pipe under the AC unit. This is generally either in the form of a PVC pipe or a flexible tube. Place a water hose tightly on the end of the drain line that is by the AC unit. Turn the water on, and allow the pressure of the water to dislocate the clog. Once the water flows well through the drain line, the clog has been cleared. Clogs in drain lines can cause algae growth and mold, which will eventually cause a clog to form again. Clear this with a mixture of one part bleach to 16 parts water. Run the mixture through the line to remove any remaining bacteria.

Wet Vacuum Method to Suck Out Clog in Drain Line

After turning off the AC unit, place the hose from a wet vacuum onto the end of the drain pipe. You can either buy an attachment or just duct tape the end of the wet vac hose onto the drain line. Turn on the vacuum and allow it to suck the water and debris out of the line. When the machine becomes full of water, turn it off and dump it out. Repeat until the debris, dirt and algae have been removed from the drain line and the water from the drain pan is able to flow properly. Run the aforementioned bleach/water mixture through the line to remove any additional algae or mildew to prevent the clog from occurring again.

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Keeping a drain line clear not only keeps your AC unit running well during the warm summer months, but it can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs. For help cleaning your drain line, other routine maintenance or for any other additional AC problems, contact us today. Our professionals strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction and will be able to help you with all your home cooling needs.

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