The Risks of Leaking Air Ducts

Leaking air ducts are, unfortunately, common and it can be difficult to determine if you have this problem in your home. Difficult because most of the ductwork in a home runs inside the walls and in the attic, so you may not be able to visibly inspect the ducts on your own. These ducts, however, can develop leaks, and when this happens, a number of negative consequences can occur.

Why Leaking Air Ducts Occur

During regular use, airflow causes our ducts to shift and expand. While this is perfectly normal, over time it can cause large leaks or crack in our ductwork. These cracks allow air to escape, preventing your home from properly cooling. While small cracks and leaks can be fixed, if the problem is extensive, the ductwork may need to be replaced.

Energy Loss

The HVAC system uses energy to heat and cool the home, circulating climate-controlled air through the duct work. When some of this air escapes from the ducts instead of reaching the intended destination, the HVAC system will need to work harder to cool or heat the space. This means that more energy is being used to do the same job, and this will result in higher than necessary energy bills.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

While air can escape out of the ducts when there is a leak, air can also penetrate into the ducts. This air may include dust, dirt and other debris. In some cases, pests can work their way into the ducts to leave behind droppings and more. This ultimately can create a very unhealthy environment in your home because the air that is circulating throughout the space will be filthy. If you are concerned about indoor air quality or if you have a respiratory condition that is affecting your health, you may be particularly concerned about this problem.

Leaking Air Ducts Cured By HVAC Experts at WEATHER ENGINEERS

Humidity increases in the home and hard to heat or cool rooms in the home can also occur due to leaky air ducts. Now that you are more aware of the issues related to leaking air ducts, you may wonder if you have this problem and what you can do about it. The first step is to contact your trusted HVAC technicians. The highly trained staff at WEATHER ENGINEERS is ready and able to take a look at your air ducts and fix any of your HVAC problems.

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