What To Do If You Find Critters In Your AC Unit

Many times wild animals, like birds, squirrels and other critters make themselves at home in your AC system. It may be to avoid a storm, the summer heat or a harsh winter — but regardless, they try to find salvation in your HVAC system! You do not want an animal to die, get harmed or stay inside your HVAC system because of the potential spreading of harmful diseases or bacteria. Learn how to remove any animal from your air conditioning system and how to avoid this problem in the future by following these steps.

Turn Off your Air Conditioner

If you have found an animal in your AC system, please do not turn on the system. It can be very traumatic and difficult to remove a dead animal from your air conditioner.

Contact a Trained Professional

It’s very important to contact a trained wildlife or pest control professional. It’s important that you stay safe, avoid getting bitten and don’t harm the animal if possible. It’s very hard to get an animal out of your system without the proper training or equipment. It’s also important to give the little guy a fighting chance if he is able to live.

Trapping the Animal

To a remove an animal in your home that you think may get caught in your HVAC system, there are a couple of different options. The best option is to try setting traps around or near vents so the animal can leave the air vent and get trapped without getting hurt. This allows the animal to be captured humanely and be released outside of the home.

How to Prevent This Issue In the Future

After you’ve removed an animal once, you’ll probably never want to do it again. In order to prevent this type of traumatic event from happening again, there are a few steps you can take. Try to locate any areas that you think an animal can get in. Once you’ve located them, either put a metal grate or a hardware cloth to close the area off. Also consider trimming the surrounds trees so animals don’t have a point of entry into your home or HVAC system.

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