10 Weird Facts About HVAC

Every now and then, weird things happen with the heating and cooling in your home. There’s a history of curious ways of operating when it comes to your HVAC system. Read on to learn 10 weird facts about heating and cooling that you probably didn’t know:

HVAC Fact #1:

Did you know that the New York Stock Exchange building, located in NYC, was one of the first buildings to install air conditioning in 1903 and movie theaters were among the first public buildings to install it.

Fact #2:

You should unplug your appliances from the wall outlets when they are not in use. Seventy-five percent of the electricity your appliances uses are actually consumed when they are turned off!

Fact #3:

We credit the Romans with the first heating system and the Chinese with the first fan!

Fact #4:

More than 100 million Americans have central air conditioning in their homes.

Fact #5:

The U.S. Department of Energy touts solar energy as the most efficient way to heat a home.

Fact #6:

If you have water lines in your home and the heat is not on, it will take about only about 4-5 hours for your pipes to freeze, depending on the size of the pipe, so beware!

Fact #7:

The size of your air conditioner is important to the proper heating and cooling of your home. Get a professional to help you determine the proper size.

Fact #8:

There are Americans who still have window units to cool their apartments and homes. About 20 percent!

Fact #9:

Air conditioning is a driving economic force — especially in southern states like here in Florida.

Fact #10:

Smart thermostats that you can operate from your smartphone make keeping your energy bill and your home comfortable at the same time!

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