5 Strange Christmas Traditions From Around the World

Only a few more days until Christmas, and you’re probably forehead deep in Christmas traditions and planning. But do you know what everyone else around the world does to celebrate the holidays? Learn about some of the stranger Christmas traditions from around the world in this blog.

Tradition #1: Aussie Santa on a Surfboard

In Australia, those celebrating Christmas take advantage of the hot weather to give Santa a little summertime feel. It’s tradition for Santas to wash ashore on the Australian beaches on a surfboard. Later, Aussies gather in mass to sing Christmas carols via candlelight. They’re also known to decorate their homes with a native plant called Christmas Bush.

Tradition #2: Czech Cherry Tree Tradition

Love is in the air during the Christmas holiday in the Czech Republic. Women in the Czech Republic place a cherry tree branch beneath water on Dec. 4 every year. If that branch blooms before Christmas Eve, then the tradition goes that those women will marry in the new year.

Tradition #3: Finish Families Pay Their Respects

Finnish families go to the cemetery on Christmas to pay their respects to their loved ones who have died. They typically eat porridge with an almond hidden inside for their lunchtime meal. The person who finds the almond is tasked with singing a cheerful song.

Tradition #4: Frenchies By the Fireplace

Before the children of France go to sleep on Christmas Eve, they leave their shoes by their fireplace in the hopes that Pere Noel (“Father Christmas”) will pay a visit and leave small gifts in their shoes and fruits and nuts on their trees.

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