8 Easy Ways to Hide Your AC

Your outside air conditioning unit is absolutely essential to your indoor comfort. However, it’s not always the most beautiful part of your home. Here’s how to hide your AC from the world but not from your maintenance worker.

Before you start this DIY project, take note of these two rules!

Rule #1: Do NOT block airflow!

If your air conditioning unit cannot get enough air (or breathing room) it can overheat and break down.

Rule #2: Leave enough room for your AC to get service!

Leave enough room around your unit to make sure that your AC repair team can get in there to repair any mishaps. It’s always a wise idea to keep your air conditioner maintained.

Check out some of this inspiration for your DIY project to hide your AC.

1. Use lattice. Using lattice around your AC unit is a good idea since the holes will allow heat to escape the AC unit. Be mindful to incorporate our first two rules into your lattice design. 

2. Garden Trellis. Try using a garden trellis made of wood or iron. This will also allow your AC to breathe while hiding it behind beautiful vines.

3. Buy a faux hedge or shrub. This will completely hide your unit as well as up the appeal of your yard.

4. Tall Greenery. Use giant and beautiful pots to plant tall trees, shrubs or flowers. Make sure to choose sturdy plants that won’t be affected by the hot air blowing out of the unit. Like always, remember our first two rules. Keep enough distance from the unit!

5. Bamboo Screen. Bamboo is a great plant to grow or use as a screen. Go for the artificial route or grow your own if you have the time!

6. Wood Pallet Fence. Pallet projects are all the rage these days. Paint a shipping pallet to match your backyard decor.

7. Outdoor Privacy Screen. If you don’t want to build or DIY something then you can buy a privacy screen to put around your AC.

8. Shutters! Go garage sale shopping or thrift store hunting for a cute pair of shutters. You can paint them and make them all your own.

We want to remind everyone that while it’s a great idea and project, we recommend leaving enough room for your AC to circulate air as well as enough room for a technician to get to your unit.


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