AC Deals And Specials To Upgrade Your Brevard County Comfort

Although the cost of a new air conditioning system can seem intimidating, this can be the more affordable choice for those achieving poor home comfort results with an older system. The expected life of an air conditioner is approximately 15 years, but the long cooling season of the Brevard County climate can result in a shorter system life. AC installation deals can be helpful for those faced with poor home comfort levels and high utility bills during the summer months.

Full System Discounts

One of the most important deals we offer is our discount on the installation of a complete system. Our technicians carefully compute the cooling load for an air conditioning system, identifying the best options to meet your home’s cooling demands. We can also provide a comparison of air conditioning equipment and heat pumps to provide you with the potential added benefit of a system that heats and cools with electricity.

Supplemental Equipment Add-Ons

If you are also concerned about improving your home’s indoor air quality as you update your air conditioner, some of our specials allow for free supplemental equipment with the purchase and installation of a new air conditioning unit. You might appreciate a UV light to mitigate mold problems in your air handler. You could also opt for a free air cleaner, an excellent solution for intensive filtration of your home’s air supply.

Making New System Maintenance an Affordable Priority

After the installation of your new equipment, regular maintenance is crucial for maintaining excellent comfort levels and operating costs. Complete your preventive maintenance during the spring to allow time for any needed repairs prior to the summer. Your equipment’s efficiency levels can decrease by approximately 5 percent with just one year of typical use, but our affordable maintenance deals allow you to restore optimum performance easily.

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Our installation and service team is committed to excellence, and we go out of our way to ensure that your system is ready to face the hottest Florida days successfully. We also offer important financing solutions to help you update your system efficiently and affordably. Contact us today to get started.

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