AC Options For Your Garage Conversion

If you plan on converting your garage into a living space then air conditioning is an essential part of your plan. It’s important to properly plan your garage conversion, which includes heating, air conditioning and ventilation. Check out some AC options below.

AC Ductwork:

If your garage is close to your home, you may be able to connect your current HVAC system to your garage unit. This job can be quite complicated. We definitely recommend calling your trusty HVAC technician. Please call us if you have any questions about AC installations.

Ductless Split AC:

A ductless split air conditioner doesn’t have many of the traditional aspects of an HVAC system. It’s much more energy efficient than a window unit, though. Ductless split AC units save you a lot of space. They are made up of an outdoor condenser and a compact indoor unit that is connected by refrigerant pipes. If you choose this type of unit, you will need to run these pipes through a small hole in the exterior wall.

Window Units:

Window units are a very popular option for garage conversions. They come with pros and cons, though. They are most likely your least expensive option, and they allow flexibility in case you want to move. However, they can increase your energy bills in the hotter months and take away natural light from your living space.

Other Air-Conditioning Tips:

  • It’s important to know the square footage of your space when you are choosing an AC for your garage conversion. Here’s a  a BTU calculator you can use to determine which size AC is right for your space.
  • Ceiling fans are always a good idea. They help circulate the air in your space and can greatly cool down any size area.
  • Make sure you remember ventilation. Whichever AC option you choose for your garage conversion should be installed with your ventilation in mind.

Here are some sources you can look at for inspiration for your garage conversion:




If you are planning to convert your garage into a living space, please call us to help with any AC installations. We are passionate about making your new living space perfect. Call us today!

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