How To Celebrate The First Day of Fall in Melbourne, FL

As the long-awaited celebration of the first day of fall is finally around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for all the fun activities that the new season has in store. Here’s a guide to make sure you’re ready for September 22 this year!

Decorate the house.

It’s time to start boxing up all the “At the Beach” and “Gone Fishing” summer decor and dust off last season’s autumn decor. With each changing season, decorating your house is part of what brings the new season into your home. Finding the perfect wreath for your front door could be the perfect fall statement piece but if you want more spice in your decorations, anything pumpkin-themed should do the trick! Adding decorative pumpkins throughout the house and outdoors is a great way to incorporate the start of the season in your home.






Bring out the autumn scents.

Some of us are guilty of lighting fall-scented candles throughout the year. We are anxious for the changing leaves and cool breeze but now is the time to find all of your fall scented candles to create an aroma that will accompany every aspect of the season. Candle warmers are a safe way to keep the sweet smell of pies and pecans in your home, or you can also disperse reed diffusers throughout the house for the same effect!  Give guests a warm welcome by changing out the hand soaps in the kitchen and bathroom.






Make a fall dish inside a pumpkin ‘bowl’.

There are plenty of yummy dishes that come with fall. Carve out pumpkins and use them as bowls to impress your family and friends with your creativity! You can make a tasty dip for a fun appetizer or you can go as far as stuffing personal mini pumpkins for a dinner party. Either or, what better way to get a taste of fall than incorporating pumpkins with food?   






Master your apple pie recipe.

Baking is a fun and versatile activity that everyone in the family can enjoy. Whether you’re helping with the recipe, the clean up, or simply feasting on the finished product, baking will bring everyone to the kitchen! Now is the time to perfect your apple pie recipe and try out new ones too!







Get crafty with leaves.

Getting crafty is a great way to keep busy and add to your fall home decor during the changing seasons. Collect some of the fallen leaves around your house and make a project! You can string them together to make a fall banner for your fireplace or glue them to a white pumpkin to make them pop!








Schedule preventative maintenance.

Our team at Weather Engineers is dedicated to providing quality service for all your A/C needs. Schedule a service today to make sure your HVAC unit is functioning properly before the start of the new season!


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