Groundhog Day in Florida: What Your AC Thinks

Groundhog Day comes back around every February 2. Legend states that a groundhog will predict whether or not there will be six more weeks of winter by looking for his shadow on the ground. You may or may not believe in this legend, celebrated every Groundhog’s Day, but one thing is certain. Your AC system will need to be prepared for the weather conditions regardless of what the groundhog predicts.

What the Spring Months Mean for Your HVAC Unit

Spring in Florida can be divine, with longer days and plenty of much-needed sunshine most days of the season. Generally, this is a time when the temperature is warming up, but there are still plenty of cool and warm fronts alike that may have you turning your heating and cooling system on and off frequently. This places a considerable amount of wear and tear on your system, and you may be wondering what you can do to keep your system in great shape.

Regular Maintenance for Your System

The spring is the perfect time for you to learn more about the condition of your heating and cooling system, and regular maintenance service is the perfect solution. This type of service is recommended on an annual basis for all systems regardless of the manufacturer or model. Essentially, it involves cleaning the various components that may have become dirty with regular use and identifying areas of weakness. Weak or damaged parts may need to be replaced.

Setting Up Service

The wear and tear that is inflicted on your HVAC unit over the winter months can be brutal, but changing the unit’s settings frequently between heating and cooling during the spring can also be demanding to your system. When you are interested in improving your system for the season ahead, Weather Engineers is the right company to contact. The team of friendly technicians is ready to begin working for you soon, so contact Weather Engineers today.

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