Guide To Spring Cleaning Your Melbourne, FL Home and AC System

As spring approaches and you put together a spring cleaning checklist, don’t forget to add your AC system to the list. Preparing your central air conditioning system for the hot summer days our Space Coast in Florida is known for will keep your system running smoothly for the entire year. Completing the following tasks ensures top notch HVAC system efficiency and indoor air quality.

Spring Cleaning Task #1: Replace AC Air Filter

Most HVAC air filters should be changed every one to three months to keep the system functioning properly and producing optimal air quality. Usually, the HVAC filter is housed in a small box right next to the main HVAC unit. Check the filter to confirm that the air flow arrows are pointing in the correct direction when you place it in the unit.

Spring Cleaning Task #2: Clear Exterior AC Unit

During the fall and winter, twigs, leaves, and pollen may gather on the A/C unit itself as well as the heat pumps. When you mow the grass, watch out for loose grass clippings. Keeping the air-conditioning unit free of grass clippings reduces the risk of clogging and overheating.

Spring Cleaning Task #3: Clean Air Ducts

Just as you cleaned up the outdoor unit, vacuum and clean the interior air vents and units. Clearing out dirt and other debris will keep your system functioning at its full potential. Make sure to vacuum the area around the interior HVAC unit as well. Typically this unit is located in the basement or utility room.

Spring Cleaning Task #4: Schedule HVAC Maintenance Check-Up

A professional HVAC specialist will inspect your HVAC system for holes and leaks and give the entire system a thorough cleaning. Cleaning and lubricating the key working parts in the system maximizes efficiency during the hottest months of the year.

Spring Cleaning Task #5: Let Us Help Your Home and AC Spring Cleaning

Since 1976, WEATHER ENGINEERS has been providing top notch services for local HVAC systems. From installing a new system to offering speedy repairs, we keep your home comfortable at all times. Contact us to schedule your spring cleaning A/C tune-up today.

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