How a UV Lamp Can Keep Your Air Clean

A UV Lamp can help clean the air your breathe inside you home? It’s true! Indoor air pollution has become a significant health problem as people spend more of their time inside well-insulated homes. When you live in Brevard County, you have to cope with the issues that come with high humidity levels as well. Fortunately, indoor air quality products like ultraviolet (UV) lamps can help combat microscopic contaminants, allowing everyone in your household to breathe healthier air.

How A UV Lamp Works

Short wavelength ultraviolet rays have a disruptive effect on the DNA of certain microorganisms, which makes UV lamps effective at killing or inactivating biological pollutants like bacteria, viruses and molds. UV lights have been used since the mid-20th century to sterilize water and disinfect hospitals, and when employed correctly, the technology is helpful in improving indoor air quality as well.

Proper Placement Is Key

Ultraviolet air cleaners work best when they’re used as surface disinfection for moist environments like damp ductwork or air conditioner cooling coils and drainage pans. A direct line of sight for the lighting amplifies their efficiency. Some UV air cleaners are designed to fit into ductwork and kill contaminants as the air moves past the lamps. UV lamps placed near AC coils and drain pans, however, help prevent microorganisms from forming in the first place.

Safe and Affordable

Some of the best UV lights available are ozone-free models engineered to inhibit the growth of organisms attracted to the moist environment of air conditioning coils. Because these reasonably priced lamps help keep the coils clean, they improve the efficiency of your cooling system too, which means they can often pay for themselves in lower operating costs.

UV Light Your Way To Cleaner Air With Weather Engineers

At Weather Engineers, we offer a complete lineup of indoor air quality products ranging from UV lamps and air filters to whole-home air purification systems. Because each home in Brevard County has unique indoor air quality requirements, the experts at Weather Engineers are readily available to help you determine the solution that’s best for you. Contact us today!

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