How To Get Your Home Super Bowl Party Ready

The Super Bowl is one of America’s favorite pastimes. If you are gearing up for the big game in the comfort of your own home then you may have some friends over to watch as well. When it comes to party prep, you need to keep three things in mind – create a comfortable space, offer beverages and food, and don’t stress over the small details.

Organize Your Space

Nothing makes a get-together less inviting than chaos, so take some time to think about and organize your space to make it suitable for welcoming guests. Make sure it is tidy and offers ample space to store shoes, coats, and other belongings. Also consider how to best accommodate your guests for optimal game watching. Make sure your television/cable/satellite service is up to speed and on the right channel (CBS this year!), and provide plenty of seating options for everyone. Move extra furniture into the room, or make use of extra pillows and cushions for additional floor seating and of course, be sure your thermostat is set to a comfortable temperature. Nothing is more uncomfortable than awkwardly cold or hot guests.

Plan the Menu

A menu complete with lots of finger foods is a game day must, so be sure to take the time to plan the food as well. Chips, dip, salsa, wings, cheese sticks, and other grab and go snacks are always a good option. Other favorites include chili, stew, barbecue chicken, ribs or hamburgers. If you don’t want to be responsible for all the food, consider making it a potluck or ask your guests to bring the beverages.

Get Festive with Decorations

If you really want to amp up the excitement, consider adding a few decorations to the space. Plates, napkins, and plastic ware in team colors and decorative footballs on dessert items are a fun touch. You could even get really creative and combine your menu options with your festive decorations and create a football-shaped cupcake display or a faux-football field serving table.

Keep the Atmosphere Comfortable with Weather Engineers

Nothing is more of a game day downer than your HVAC system going kaput, except for maybe your favorite team losing. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you by getting a maintenance checkup before the big day. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and make sure you have a comfortable space for you and your guests on Super Bowl Sunday.


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