How to Keep Cool During Record-Breaking Heat

It has been a winter of record-breaking heat in Florida as well as the rest of the country! Here in Brevard County, warm weather is nothing new, but it’s always good to have an arsenal of tricks to keep cool when the temperature soar. If you have grown tired of overwhelming electricity bills during the hottest months of the year, then take a look at these tips for keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Replace Old Incandescent Bulbs

Old incandescent light bulbs not only produce an incredible amount of heat, but they also use quite a bit of electricity. This is why all homeowners should consider investing in high-efficiency CFL bulbs. According to the Department of Energy, a single CFL light bulb can save a family over $18 dollars a year in electricity.

Use the Stove Sparingly

Anyone that has ever had to cook a large meal in the middle of record-breaking heat knows just how hot a kitchen can get. Your family should try to use different cooking methods such as outdoor barbecues or the microwave. If you absolutely must cook on the stove, then you should turn the ventilation fan to its highest setting.

Turn Off Electronics

Not many people realize just how much heat electronic devices can produce, especially when there is already record-breaking heat outside. Even when these devices don’t appear to be on, they might still have electricity running through them. Homeowners should put all electronics on a handful of power strips and turn the strips off whenever they are not being used.

Repair Doors and Windows

Damaged doors and windows will make it nearly impossible to keep your home at a comfortable temperature during record-breaking heat or frigid cold. You should inspect all of your windows and doors at least once a year and seal up any openings that you find. Cracked weatherstripping should also be replaced every few months.

Beat Record-Breaking Heat With Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

Don’t let the record-breaking heat steam you up! Skyrocketing energy bills and heated frustration in your home are often the result of an older AC system that is not being properly maintained. An HVAC technician from Weather Engineers can help you identify and fix any efficiency problems that you might be having with your home’s central AC. Contact us today to schedule your next seasonal maintenance appointment.

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