How To Stay Cool on the Space Coast This Summer

Whether you’re heading to Cape Canaveral, going on a cruise or enjoying a day at the beach, staying cool in the Florida heat plays a big role in enjoying your day’s festivities. A quick stop in a shop can cool you off quickly when the sun is beating down but when there’s no shop in site you have to resort to other ways of staying cool. Here’s a few tips from the experts at Weather Engineers on how to stay cool this summer.

Fan Frenzy

Fans are a great alternative to air conditioning when you’re out on a hot day. They are portable and easy to use which makes them suitable for the whole family. There is even a fan out that attaches to and is powered by your smartphone! Don’t worry, if you haven’t switched over to a smartphone yet, there is also a fan that attaches to your water bottle which gives you a nice breeze accompanied by some cool mist!

H20 is Vital

Staying hydrated is important but make sure your drink has a high content of actual h20. Being out in the heat makes all those cold,sugary drinks tempting but here are 6 drinks to avoid:

  • Alcohol
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Milk
  • Soda
  • Energy Drinks

If it’s difficult for you to drink water alone try adding some natural flavor with mint and cucumber or lemon and strawberry for a refreshing summer beverage!

Breathe Through Your Clothes

The beach makes it easy to stay cool with swimsuits and the ocean close by but when you’re not in a swimsuit try to avoid synthetic materials like rayon, polyester and nylon. These synthetic fabrics tend to stick to your body and aren’t very breathable so they trap in heat. Instead, stick with natural materials like cotton and linen. These natural fibers allow air to flow freely through the fabric keeping you cool and dry!

A Cool Welcome Home

We know that nothing is better than coming home to air conditioning after a long day outside around the Space Coast. When your AC isn’t doing its job make sure to give us a call at Weather Engineers. Our family-owned business team is dedicated to providing comfort and cool air from our family to yours!

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