Humidity Hacks for Summer

We are quickly approaching summer, or in Florida it more seems that summer is quickly surrounding us. While the humidity is increasing at rapid speeds, we are still dreading the heat. Here, in Melbourne, FL it seems like taking a swim and air conditioning are our only saviors in the summer. But, with these quick humidity hacks, we will show you how to reduce humidity in your home and find comfort this summer.

Simple Ways to Reduce Moisture:

  • Cover pots while cooking, if it’s possible.
  • Leave doors open to rooms to allow good air circulation.
  • Store firewood outside.
  • Cover aquariums, if possible.

Ventilation Is Inspiration:

In the areas that create the most moisture, ventilation is key. In the kitchen and bathroom, run those fans and run them for longer. If you don’t have bathroom vents, consider having some installed! Ventilation increases airflow while simultaneously reducing humidity.

Humidity 101: Cooking, showering, washing machines and dryers affect the amount of moisture in the air.

Indoor humidity should be between 30 to 50 percent for ideal comfort. If your humidity is in the 60 to 70 percent range, then you know how uncomfortable it can be.

Check for Leaks:

Check for any leaks, which includes condensation from hot or cold water pipes. This excess moisture contributes to humidity in the house.

Humidity Hack: Instead of pipe sleeves, cut pool sleeves in half, down the long side and fit them over the pipes. You can use duct tape to secure them if it’s necessary.


Cooling it Down:

Set your AC to a dry setting if you can. It will remove moisture, but not necessarily leave it cool. This is a point we like to drive home a lot, ALWAYS remove and replace your air filters. IF your air filter is clogged and dirty it will slow down airflow.

Run your fans. Fans help move the air around your house and also help with evaporation.

Make Your Own Dehumidifier:

Some of the humidifiers on the market today are really impressive and tell you how much moisture is in the air in your home, but if you’d like to get your DIY hat on, you can follow these steps:

What you’ll need:

  • Two 5-gallon buckets
  • Rock salt
  • Hand drill


Take one of the buckets and drill a bunch of holes. The author from DIY Natural suggested drilling 6 to 7 holes and make them ¼ inch or so across.

Place the bucket with the holes inside the other bucket. Pour roughly 5 pounds of rock salt in the top bucket.

Place your new dehumidifier in an area where you want to reduce moisture. Check your new invention in a few days and there will be water in the bottom. Dump out the water and remember to check it every few days.


Hang Your Laundry out to Dry:

If you want to reduce humidity in your home, try hanging your laundry in an open space or outside. Your dryer can increase the heat in your home, but leaving your wet clothes around the house can also add humidity and moisture. You can hang clothes outside or use tumble dry cycle in your dryer.

Change up your bedding in the summer and switch to cotton sheets. Cotton sheets are a lot cooler and breathe easier.

Humidity Hack: Any appliance that gives off a lot of heat and uses a lot of energy: make sure to keep them free of dust, lint grease or anything that makes them work harder.


Use Your Grill More:

Using your oven or stove will inevitably make your house hotter. Put your grill to good use! You can grill many of the things you make in the oven or on the stove– meat, pizza, veggies, fish, you name it, you can grill it!


Landscaping Can Help Reduce the Humidity In Your Home:

By planting vines, bushes, shrubs and trees you can reduce your energy bill and make your home cooler! Trees alone can save you roughly $250 each year on your energy bill. You can plant shrubs by the condenser unit of your AC system, when it gets really hot out then the condenser has to work harder to cool down. Shrubs can help shade the condenser unit and keep your house more cool! Vines are typically low maintenance and can be a beautiful asset to your home while keeping your house cool.

Call WEATHER ENGINEERS for Any of Your Humidity Problems

At WEATHER ENGINEERS, we are all about finding solutions and problem solving. While some of these humidity hacks will temporarily reduce humidity in your home, we recommend calling us for a maintenance check up. We will be able to seal your ducts, ventilate your home and change your air filters. Call us today.

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