Leap Year 2016: Is Your Air Conditioner Ready For An Extra Day?

Leap Year Phenomenon

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression “Leap Year” before? This term refers to years that include February 29th, an “extra” day occurring once every four years in the Gregorian calendar. When you take steps to make certain that your HVAC unit receives regular maintenance and cleaning, you won’t need to worry that this extra “366th” day of the year will cause problems for your comfortable home environment.

Leap Years And Timelines

Pope Gregory XIII introduced the Gregorian Calendar in 1582. The American Colonists officially adopted it in 1752. The change in the calendar sought to correct an error in the older Julian Calendar that had been used by the public in Europe for centuries. The ancient Romans had adopted the Julian Calendar back in 46 B.C., during the days of Julius Caesar.

Basically, the Gregorian Calendar requires that only century years divisible evenly by 400 would include a Leap Year. It sought to correct some inaccuracies that had crept into Julian calendar calculations over the centuries.

Keeping Your HVAC Functioning Well

Americans enjoy an easy time identifying Leap Years, since these special years usually coincide with presidential election years in the United States. Since 2000 was divisible by 400, it included a February 29th. The current 2016 calendar includes an additional day in February, as well. However, the next turn of the century, won’t add the extra four year Leap Year, because 2100 won’t divide completely by 400.

What do these calendar issues mean for your HVAC system? Essentially, if you take steps now to keep your air conditioning well maintained you won’t need to worry about the extra Leap Year day. An AC that obtains regular cleaning can handle the added workload!

Leap Year 2016 And Every Year

Serving the residents of sunny Brevard County, Florida since 1976, we will assist you in maintaining a smoothly running home cooling system. By making sure that your air conditioning unit obtains regular inspections and cleaning, you’ll enjoy a refreshing, comfortable living environment 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year (and 366 days every Leap Year!). Contact us online or at (321) 727-2542┬áto schedule a regular maintenance and cleaning appointment for your HVAC system, before the arrival of warmer Spring weather!

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