How To Prepare Your AC for a Hurricane

Hurricane season is still upon us! Are you prepared? In Florida, we are aware of this type of severe weather during hurricane season.  From past experiences, we know it’s always best to prepare as much as you can. Outdoor furniture and AC systems can be very vulnerable if there are high winds and floods. Follow these four easy steps to hurricane proof your AC system.

Preparing Your AC Unit Before A Hurricane

Removing Debris: Toys, patio furniture and your AC can become dangerous during a hurricane or a severe storm. Remove any debris or heavy objects away from your condenser unit. Place your heavy objects inside, in your garage or in a shed.

Secure the Condenser: The first thing you should do when a hurricane is approaching is to make sure your AC unit is secure. If there are high winds and flooding anticipated, your AC unit is not safe. These winds can actually uproot your AC from the ground.

Schedule A Maintenance Visit: Schedule maintenance visits to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your AC. Regardless of the inclement weather, twice a year is standard for AC maintenance visits. During these maintenance checkups, your AC tech will complete a full inspection that will pinpoint any flaws or breakdowns.

Invest In A Generator: While maintenance checkups and removing debris will greatly impact your safety during a hurricane, it’s also recommended to buy a generator. If the power does go out, you want your family to stay safe and comfortable.

Call WEATHER ENGINEERS for AC Hurricane Prep

If you need any help with prepping your AC for severe weather or a hurricane, please call WEATHER ENGINEERS. We are ready and able to assist you in any of your AC needs.

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