Presidents’ Day: History of HVAC in the White House

President’s Day will be celebrated on February 15, 2016 this year. The holiday honors a long line of remarkable U. S. Presidents, beginning with George Washington, whose birthday was the original reason for celebrating the day.

George Washington, a surveyor by trade, personally selected the site for the District of Columbia. Today, the great city of Washington D.C. stands on this location. Our first President never actually lived in the White House. He had already left office by the time the nation finished building the original Executive Mansion.

Hot, Humid Temperatures

The presidents of Washington, D.C. endure notoriously hot, muggy summer weather. The first few Presidents probably would have really appreciated modern HVAC services. July and August proved so hot and uncomfortable during the 1800s, that Congress adopted the practice of holding an official legislative recess during the summer. In the Nineteenth Century, many Presidents chose to spend summer vacations elsewhere, too.

Although people then used shady outdoor awnings and hand-held fans, they couldn’t escape from heat waves very effectively. The first few Presidents and their households did not even enjoy running water in the White House!

HVAC Arrives

A man named J. E. Coffee patented the first air conditioning machinery in 1848, but many years passed until effective central air and central heat reached Presidents and their families. In 1930, the Carrier Engineering Company installed modern central air conditioning in the West Wing for the President Herbert Hoover.

An extensive White House HVAC renovation occurred during the Truman Administration. President Johnson famously kept the thermostat turned way down. However, some Presidents have preferred warmer temperatures. HVAC enables residents of the White House to customize their living environment.

Contact Weather Engineers On Presidents’ Day and Every Day

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