Should I Cover My Central AC Unit During Severe Weather?

Living in Florida, we’re no strangers to inclement and even severe weather. But while we may consider ourselves pros at preparing our homes before a storm, many of us tend to forget about our air conditioning systems. Although the average air conditioning system is durable, it may not be fit to withstand a severe storm. Learn more about inclement weather and your AC here.

How Severe Weather Can Affect Your AC System

Air conditioning systems have components that are manufactured to be fairly durable. After all, they’re meant to withstand constant use for 10 to 15 years before they need to be replaced. Although these systems are meant to be robust, they are not meant to withstand the forces associated with severe storms like tornados, tropical storms and hurricanes.

The kind of storms experienced in Brevard County, Fla. are no exception to this. Depending on the severity, inclement weather can wreak havoc on your air conditioning system, destroy the condenser unit and cause a myriad of costly problems that can prevent you from using your HVAC system entirely. But does this mean you need to cover your air conditioning unit during a severe storm? Not necessarily.

Understanding Your Air Conditioning Unit

During a severe storm, debris flying about poses the greatest threat to your AC. The condenser unit for example, is one of the most important and vulnerable parts of your air conditioner since it is located outdoors.

Inside of this unit is a compressor, condenser fan, liquid line and other components that can sustain damage. If a stray branch were to fall on your condenser unit for example, it could crush it, which in turn could rupture the coolant line. This could result in damage to both the condenser and the remainder of your unit inside of your home. Although your system may be fine during a severe storm, protecting your investment before a storm occurs is best.

Should You Protect Your AC Unit During a Severe Storm?

If a severe storm is projected to hit, there are things you can do to protect your air conditioning system. For starters, be sure to clear the area around the condenser unit of any debris. This includes outdoor furniture, toys, tools, and any other items that could strike your AC unit if blown about by high winds. Although covering your AC unit with a tarp can help, be cautious when doing this as it can promote rust.

Call the HVAC Professionals at WEATHER ENGINEERS

If you’re worried that your AC unit may have been damaged in a previous storm or you would like to consult an expert on how to keep your AC unit safe, the HVAC professionals at WEATHER ENGINEERS can help. Give us a call today or schedule an appointment online.

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