Spring Training Your Florida Air Conditioner to Perform All Season

Ready for Spring Training in Florida? Now is the perfect time to start thinking about training your air conditioner for the hot spring and summer months in the Sunshine State. Without seasonal maintenance, you could face a wide variety of problems throughout the year ranging from unmanageable energy bills to a catastrophic breakdown at the worst possible time. Here is a quick look at just a few of the benefits of carrying out some “spring training” on your home’s AC, so you can get back to fun stuff like watching baseball!

Don’t Accept Rising Energy Bills

Everyone’s energy use will fluctuate when the seasons change, but you shouldn’t accept unmanageable electric bills every summer without a fight. During your service call, an HVAC maintenance technician can thoroughly examine your system for any problems that could be causing efficiency issues. Even minor changes such as altering your thermostat’s settings and cleaning off the system’s coils can make quite the difference in the game of home comfort.

Catch Problems Early

Most major components of a modern AC system are designed to last for 12 years or longer (that’s much longer than a baseball season!), but damage can take place at any time. Issues such as leaking hoses or debris getting caught in the system can result in some serious problems if they are not taken care of immediately. The only way to prevent expensive damage down the road is to call in the pros before it happens.

Keep Your HVAC Warranty Valid

Not many homeowners realize that they do have some responsibilities when it comes to their HVAC system’s warranty. While some parts and labor warranties are now offered for 10 years or longer, the owner must have the system regularly serviced in order to keep it valid. Homeowners who are not able to provide paperwork showing that the system was serviced within the last year might be liable for all repairs and replacement parts.

Spring Training in Florida Means AC Maintenance

Stay comfortable beyond Spring Training in Florida. Here at WEATHER ENGINEERS, we understand that your home’s HVAC system is integral to your family’s comfort. How can a Space Coast resident, or any Floridian, be expected to spend a long day at the ballpark to come home to a hot and humid home? Please contact us today to schedule a quick and affordable maintenance call before the first heat wave, or heated grandslam, of the year.

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