The Dangers of Leaking Water From Your Air Vents

A clogged air conditioning condensate drain line or improperly installed ductwork can cause water to leak from your home’s air vents like condensation on your glass on a hot Florida day. While water is essential to life, it can also be extremely harmful and destructive, especially to a home. Read on to learn why it is important to have an air conditioning or HVAC professional inspect the leaking air vents.

*If you notice a leak from your air vents, it is important to contact your HVAC company to inspect it to be sure it is water and not refrigerant. Refrigerant leaks are a more serious issue.

Leaking Water Could Cause Mold, Cause Health Issues

Many homeowners in and around Melbourne, Florida are concerned that the hot and humid conditions are great breeding grounds for mold and other bacteria growth within their homes. With good reason. Any additional sources of H20, such as water leaking from the air vents, will increase the chance of mold and bacteria growth. Mold has many harmful side effects for people who breathe inhale it, including sinus congestion, throat and eye irritation, wheezing, sneezing and difficulty breathing.

Air Vent Leaks Cause Electrical and Structural Damage

Thousands of dollars worth of damage could be incurred due to water damage in a home. If your air vents are leaking water you should always try to get to the source and clean up any mess immediately. If you live in an apartment or condo and you are not on the first floor the leaking water will eventually drip down to your neighbors’ home and cause damage that you are liable for as well. Water and electricity do not get along and could cause a fire if mixed, so always be careful when tending to leaking water around any electrical sources and contact a professional immediately to help.

Contact Your Space Coast Air Conditioning Pros

If you see water or anything else leaking from your air vents we recommend contacting the air conditioning professionals at WEATHER ENGINEERS. Our technicians will inspect your HVAC system and ductwork to ensure safety and reliability. No one wants to be without air conditioning on a humid Space Coast Florida day. Schedule now.

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