Why Your Air Conditioning Smells

Ever wonder about those air conditioning smells that sometimes emit through your vents? You shouldn’t have to think about your air conditioner keeping your home cool. It should just do it without you noticing it at all. However, if your air conditioner suddenly develops an unpleasant smell, you are suddenly aware of your air conditioner, and the result is not pleasant. Sure, your house is cool, but it is coming at a terrible price to your senses. If your air conditioner seems to be churning out odors, check out the possible culprits below.

Mold and Mildew

If you air conditioner is giving off a moldy smell, your air filter is probably due for a cleaning or replacement. This is a natural problem for air conditioners over time, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to fix.


If your air conditioner smells like rot, you probably have a deceased animal trapped somewhere inside of the unit. You will need to find and remove the animal. Afterward, give the inside a good cleaning.


A sewer scent can be the result of plumbing problems near the air conditioner. Even a small whiff of gas or sewage can carry through the whole house. Take care of the plumbing, and your air conditioning should get back to normal.

Automotive Smell

It’s possible your air conditioner could be giving off an odor of exhaust or a similar automotive smell. The culprit for this smell is usually a leak or similar problem with the mechanical components of your air conditioner. For this issue, you will need to call a specialist to take a look at your air conditioner.

Melbourne, Florida AC Technicians Can Help Air Conditioning Smells

If you are suddenly reminded that your air conditioning unit exists thanks to an unpleasant scent, take the time to investigate the issue with WEATHER ENGINEERS. Many of the odor problems with an air conditioning unit are easy to fix. You just need to take the time to correctly diagnose the issues. Contact us to get your conditioner smelling better today!

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