What RGF Air Purification Can Do for Your Home

We all strive to have great Indoor Air Quality. But, what does that mean? Indoor Air Quality refers to the quality of air inside your home or building and how healthy and comfortable it is to the people indoors. For anyone who feels like their home is stuffy, smelly and cramped, let RGF Guardian solve all of your indoor air pollutant needs. Find out what RGF Guardian can do for you.


What Do RGF Guardian Appliances Do?


RGF Guardian’s appliances purify every cubic foot of air inside your home. They know and understand that every home has its problems from odors and chemicals to unwanted germs. Luckily, with RGF Guardian’s Reme and PHI air purifiers, you can smell and feel the difference in your home. When we seal the cracks and open spaces in our homes to become more energy efficient, we also unknowingly trap harsh chemicals inside. According to studies from the ADP and EPA, the air in our home is two to five times more polluted than the air outside. This means polluted indoor air is among the top five risks to public health.


The guardian air purifiers have been laboratory tested and proven to purify the air by reducing odors, such as pet, cooking and musty or moldy smells. The upgraded guardian and Remi models purify the air and assist your existing air filter system to remove dust and debri from the home. The Remi model is so efficient that it can purify your home by removing chemicals and bacteria from the air instantly.


Who Else Uses RGF Guardian Reme Appliances?


Not only are RGF Guardian appliances great for your home, but some of America’s largest businesses use them as well. The Guardian is a highly used piece of equipment in America’s largest restaurant chains, schools, assisted living facilities, doctors offices and hospitals. There are over one million products that use our RGF, PHI and Reme model technologies.


For a visaul walk through of the many benefits you can enjoy, check out this informative video on RGF Guardian Air Reme models → 


Call WEATHER ENGINEERS for Great Indoor Air Quality


If you suffer from poor indoor air quality, suffer no more. WEATHER ENGINEERS is ready and able to fix any of your filtration system problems. You can also ask us anything about air purification systems as well as our rewards programs designed to value our loyal customers like you. Contact us today!

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