The Most Efficient Way to Heat a Florida Home

It can be difficult to know exactly what is the best way to heat your home. This is especially the case for us here in Florida. Read on to learn our top three tips for heating your home in the most efficient way possible:

Don’t Turn Off Your Heat

If you turn off the heat in your home when you leave for vacation, then you are likely to pay in money and efficiency. That’s because completely shutting off your heat makes your HVAC system work extra hard to heat your entire home once you arrive to a cold home. In those days when the seasons are flip-flopping between hot and cold, make sure you decide solidly to turn off your heat and switch it to AC or vice versa.

Build a Fire

Are you a homeowner with a fireplace or a wood stove? If so, then you have an efficient heating source! Keep your heating and cooling system lower, and use the heat from your fireplace or wood stove to heat a favorite gathering spot in your home.

Don’t Rule Out Solar

If you live in an area of the country with bright sunlight for a good part of the year, like we do here in the Sunshine State of Florida, then solar energy may be your best friend. Solar energy is one of the most efficient heating sources for a home in areas where solar panels can get a good amount of rays.

Let Weather Engineers Take Care of Your Heating Woes Throughout the Year!

If you need professional help for your HVAC system, then Weather Engineers is just a call away. We¬†have been helping homeowners in Brevard County set their lives to the perfect temperature — and we hope to do the same for you! Contact us now.

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