Why is water leaking or dripping from my ac vent?

Many homeowners here in Brevard county and beyond are well aware that leaks and water damage can be destructive to a property and can even result in mold growth and other costly problems. So it’s no surprise that the discovery of water leaking from an air conditioning vent in your home can be alarming. Learn more about air conditioning vent leaks and how the problem can be repaired here.

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What Causes Water Leaking from My AC Vent?

There are several reasons why an air conditioning vent may leak, including:

Clogged Drain Line: One of the most common reasons a vent may leak water is a clogged or disconnected drain line. The drain line enables the buildup in the drain pan to drip out of your home. However, if the drain becomes clogged, it can cause excess water to back up and leak from one of the vents. This issue can cause a vent to appear moist or it can cause a leak. In severe cases, it can cause a water leak in another area of the home. If you have the necessary experience, you may be able to unclog the drain line yourself, but it is always safest to hire a professional.

Improperly Installed Ductwork: When heat in the attic surrounds the cold air ducts, condensation can form and cause water to leak from a vent. Ventilating the attic or adding more insulation can both be effective remedies for this type of issue.

How Can I Fix The Problem?

While most causes of these leaks are relatively minor and can easily be fixed with a quick service call, the moisture can result in additional damage to your home. If you have noticed signs of a leak or unexplained moisture on or around your air conditioning vents, it is best to contact an HVAC professional as soon as possible. Since the potential for mold growth is greater with a vent leak, it’s important to have a professional diagnose the issue right away.

At WEATHER ENGINEERS, our team of HVAC professionals located in Melbourne, Florida and serving Brevard county, can diagnose and assess the issue right away and prevent excess damage to your home and system. Give us a call today to learn more or schedule an appointment online.

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