Why the Cooler Months Are the Best Time to Buy a New AC

The hottest months of the year are when most people think about and are grateful for their air conditioning systems. This is also when people are more likely to buy a new HVAC system. However, for the pocket-conscious shopper, the summer can be one of the worst times to buy. Instead, savvy shoppers bite the bullet and wait until the weather cools to get a great deal on a new AC. The following three tips can help you save the most money when buying a new system.

Lower Prices on AC Units

This is arguably the biggest advantage for buying an HVAC unit in the winter. The prices of air conditioners are often much higher in summer, because the demand for new units is so high. Retailers can take advantage of this by hiking up the price. However, the off-season can provide you with great deals on brand-name air conditioners. This difference could mean several hundred dollars off the bottom line prices.

No Rush to Buy

When it’s hot out, people are more likely to spend less time shopping around for a good deal, because the sweltering heat demands immediate relief. This increases the likelihood that shoppers will make snap decisions. Since hot weather and immediate demand for AC units don’t occur in winter months, you can take your time researching to find the best deal on a new system.

Affordable AC Installation

Most average AC shoppers can’t install their new units themselves. They need the help of an HVAC technician. The winter months may be the best time to bargain with these professionals for a lower installation price, especially if they are not providing the AC unit. Homeowners may be able to strike an install-only deal if they provide a unit, thus saving themselves a bit of money.

Contact Weather Engineers for an AC Install Today!

A new HVAC unit can cost you a large chunk of change. By taking advantages of these tips and the assistance from Weather Engineers, you can lessen the amount of money you spend on a new unit. Call or schedule an appointment online today to see how you can garner big savings on your new AC unit.

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