Why Your AC Air Handler Is Freezing Up

Wondering why your air handler is freezing up? It is unfortunate to discover the air handler has stopped working normally. It is much worse during the hot Space Coast, Florida summer season as this will prompt the temperatures in the home to rise quickly. This problem can only be solved by an HVAC technician as they will detect the potential causes of the default and the approximate budget for the same. In this blog, we explain the two main causes of your air handler freezing up:

Freon Leak within the System

Whenever this happens, the coils will automatically cool in an uneven manner. This will eventually lead to the buildup of the ice from the moisture that comes from the external source. The ice will then build up and create resistance as it insulates the coil, and therefore, prevents the passage of air.

Uneven Flow of Air

This is another occurrence, and it is caused by the accumulation of dirt on the filter and the coils. Once the flow of air has been impaired, the coils, as well as the fans, will be affected since there will be build up of ice in these areas.

How Do I Fix a Frozen Air Handler?

The most effective way of making the ice melt is to have the fan run for 48 hours. All the ice needs to melt before the A/C has been turned on. Alternatively, the quickest method to solve this problem is by using a hair dryer along with halogen lights that are up to 500 watts. This method is effective as it will only take 2 hours for the air handler to be completely dry though it can turn risky if not careful. However, the breaker that leads to the HVAC unit should be turned off while the working is on. The coils within the tube should not be broken as they can lead to extra expenses.

When to Call If Your Air Handler Is Freezing Up

Our professionals are what you need. Our professionals are experienced in handling the HVAC system and will advise and make repairs when necessary. We are ready to help and inform you more about our services. Contact us today to request a free estimate.

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