Why Your Heater Smells Like Its Burning

The smell of something burning or burnt in your home can strike many with fear, and cause one to actively look around to try to identify the cause of the burning smell. In some cases, homeowners will determine that the smell is actually coming from the heater that has recently flipped on for the first time in months. If you believe that a burning smell is coming from your heater, you may wonder what can be done to remedy the situation. It’s a simple answer, keep reading to learn more.

What May Cause The Smell

In most cases, a burning smell that is coming from an HVAC system is related to dust and other debris that has fallen onto the unit. When the system turns on and gets hot, it can essentially cook these items. This can cause the debris to create a burning smell for a short period of time. If the smell is lasting for more than a short period of time, something else in the system may be burning. These are both signs that service may be needed for the system.

What Can Be Done About The Smell

HVAC units can become dirty for a number of reasons, but the most common reason is inactivity. The most common time to notice a burning smell with a heater is after you have not turned the system on for a lengthy period of time. There may be a thick coat of dust and other debris on the system that needs to be removed. Generally, this smell will only be noticed for the first time or two after you turn the system on, and after this, you may not notice it at all until the following year. Regular cleaning and maintenance can also prevent the issue from happening. Our WE Clean & Tune Club can help because members receive annual comprehensive air conditioner check-ups and other exclusive benefits like priority scheduling, preferred pricing, and maintenance reminders.

Burning Heater Smells And Much More

Regardless of how long the burning smell lasts, it is a sign that your system should be professionally serviced and cleaned. We are always here to help, so contact us now to set up an appointment soon.

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