Will Melbourne, Florida’s Weather Affect Your AC This Rainy Season?

The weather in Florida can often times be rainy and humid, and it can be a cause for concern regarding your air conditioning unit outside. In general, there’s nothing to worry about. However, there are a few things to take note of living in Florida.

Wind Can Affect Your AC

Rain will not harm your AC unit, but heavy winds can cause damage. Limbs from trees can fall, damaging your unit or destroying it completely depending on the weight of the limb. Leaves, twigs, trash, and other debris can become jammed in the blades of the unit and cause the unit to work harder. If the unit is not damaged by a jam, your wallet will be due to the increased energy consumption. If large trees are a problem, consider covering your unit with a small, open structure. It’s also a good idea to check the unit for jams after a windy storm.

Humidity Can Affect Your AC

Humidity can cause problems if you place a cover on your AC unit that has little or no ventilation. The humidity under the cover will rust the components and cause the rubber inside the unit to rot. If you choose to cover up your unit, use a cover that allows the unit to breathe and circulate air.

Flooding Will Affect Your AC

Flooding is most likely to damage or ruin your air conditioning unit. Having your unit in a flood zone or in an area that has a tendency to collect water is a recipe for disaster. If flooding is a concern, or if you’ve had flooding happen in the past, contact an HVAC technician to evaluate your options to solve your flooding problem.

WE Can Help Your Melbourne, Florida AC

If heavy rains are causing your AC unit to flood, or windy and humid conditions are creating problems, contact our HVAC professionals to inspect and repair your AC unit quickly and efficiently. Contact us now to schedule an appointment today.

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